Rokinon 85mm f1.4
I can hear the advert now, “how can you make that ugly busy background disappear into a flood of silky smooth butter?”, then slowly the South Korean made budget lens slowly moves in front of all other brands and attaches itself to the camera, then fades to black with the resulting image coming up on screen with a price tag several times lower than all the competition. Yes, I have an imagination sometimes but this lens is another completely bokehlicious lens. Wide open its a little soft but improves quite a bit at f2 both in terms of sharpness and contrast and it keeps getting better. Bokeh out does the Volna 3 and perhaps even the Olympus 50mm & 75mm (though hard to compare with this due to diff focal length). Its just butter smooth. If there is something that this lens can take pride in is its bokeh, particularly wide open. Sadly when something like this pops up it makes you wonder what the downside is and I have to confess that its CA wide open. It can get nasty sometimes, but if you can avoid harsh contrasts you will be doing well J
You can pick these up for under $300 which makes it very good value and as a bonus they are very easy to use and easy to get great results. For the price its highly recommended.
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