Volna 3 80mm f2.8
This is the standard lens from a Russian Medium Format camera. Strap it onto a Micro four thirds body and it still stands up quite well. Sharpness is there wide open but lacks a bit of contrast which can easily be corrected, though its certainly not sharp enough to cut. At f4 contrast increases and it keeps getting sharper to f8 at which point f11 sees some diffraction.
What attracts me to some of these Russian lenses is the fact that they are “copies” of some Carl Zeiss designs (think WW2 and the fact that the Russians assisted the Allies in defeating Nazi Germany which gave them some, shall we say, liberties with what the intelligent Germans designed J). The bokeh of these Russian lenses are usually quite unique with some giving almost a painted look in some cases and others can get almost a swirl in the bokeh under certain circumstances.
Quite a nice lens indeed.
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