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So i guess one may ask, why do I have an interest in silly old film lenses that do NOT have auto focus??  What can possibly be gained from an old lens apart from some manual focusing skills and/or blurry shots?  Well hopefully in coming weeks I will post some of my findings on this to show you that its not a bad thing at all.  Whilst you wont "always" get old lenses as sharp as new ones, you will however get good bang for your buck if you are unable to afford that brand spanking new lens and you will often get some different character out of them as well.

One thing needs to be said is that they can indeed produce great images and for me they are a joy to use.

P5130031-lr5P5130031-lr5Miles Helios 81N

There have also been a few weddings where I have taken a few shots not as official photographer but just as a guest (which is great as there is no pressure and you can simply enjoy the wedding and taking pics at the same time!) and in one case as I was a designated driver I could also take a few shots at locations other than the church or reception and was relaxed enough to try a few different things like using a CCTV lens to take a shot or two.  In the below, i was looking for that warm washed out look, which shooting into the sun certainly helped, and the CCTV lens also gave a bit of a swirl effect too which adds to it.

P9070793-lr5P9070793-lr5Tally and Peter Wedding CCTV 25mm f1.4 @ f2

As a Christian it is a blessing to be able to see different things in God's creation, though I wonder sometimes how easy it is for us to overlook the wonder of them and simply take them for granted?  We are told in Romans 1:20 of the Bible that "For since the creation of the world God’s invisible qualities—his eternal power and divine nature—have been clearly seen, being understood from what has been made, so that people are without excuse" but how often do we look and see wonderful things yet dismiss them so easily not realising that there is a Creator behind them?  It is a good saying to "stop and smell the roses" from time to time, to take the time to not just "see" something but to "look" at it.  On your next walk for pleasure or to school, uni, work take the time to look around you and see the wonderful things that have been made and who knows, you may also find something looking back at you! :)

MagpieMagpieHexanon 135mm f3.5 @ f3.5

(Taken using a Hexanon 135mm f3.5 film lens)

One thing not related to photography that has been tickling my interest lately is music.  I like a variety of music but sometimes I end up listening to a particular band for a few weeks at a time.  Up to recently The Beatles was the main music hitting my ears and I was able to go and see The Bootleg Beatles (they are British) in Penrith when they came out and whilst I was not around in their prime, they look just like their counterparts and do a fantastic job and would recommend seeing them if you are a fan. 

P5300011-Edit-lr5P5300011-Edit-lr5The Bootleg Beatles, Penrith Panthers, Penrith NSW

The Australian "Beatle Boys" (saw them at the State Theatre in Sydney) are also equally good and both bands played a good variety of well known and not so popular tunes.

Anyway, until next time take care. 

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Stay tuned..... https://bromo.zenfolio.com/blog/2014/8/stay-tuned Its been a long time since my last post.  Stay tuned for an update soon....

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The Start and Changes https://bromo.zenfolio.com/blog/2012/5/the-start-and-changes Being my first "blog" I must say that there are a few things that are running through my mind.  Since getting my first SLR I have enjoyed taking a few pictures.  Progressing to a DSLR those "few" pics become many as I started to become more trigger happy with the shutter.  I certainly would not class myself as a good photographer, but rather just one who enjoys it.  Some will like the shots they see, others will not.  As I explained to a friend recently, much of what you do to a photo or what you take stems from what you like or what you want to see.  A lot of it is personal taste.

With that in mind, editing photos comes down to individual taste.  Do you like Black & White or Colour, Arty or Conventional, Dramatic or a little more plain yet pleasant?  It's all about personal taste and that taste often changes for weeks or even months at a time.  But whatever teh case, enjoy it. 

God created mankind in such a way that it reveals God's creativity in what He has made and that includes all that is around us.  Be aware of it, consider the wonder of God, look unto Him and enjoy the things He has given.


Recently, I have been using a few legacy/manual lenses.  Some lenses are just plain unusual like for instance a CCTV lens.  Initially I thought why on earth would you use one of them.  Then I tried it and found it to be quite interetsing as to the effect you can get.  GIve it a shot one day if your in a photography dry spot.  It may just spark a few ideas :)


Vivid Sydney 2012 with a CCTV lensP5260044

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