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After owning a Digital SLR for a while you start seeing the need to get a few different lenses for a variety of purposes. You get something with a wider angle for Landscape or Cityscape, a zoom for getting up close and personal to wildlife and a general "standard" zoom and one or two fast prime lenses. With that you would be pretty content, but then after someone gives you an old film camera you realise that the lens can fit onto your camera with the appropriate adapter. So you get the adapter and then realise that these so called old obsolete film lenses can be quite good and the whole manual focus thing is quite enjoyable, at least when you get it right. Then you get another one or two that are different and you start realising that these lenses have a character. Not all are the sharpest but some of them have qualities that you cant really ignore. So then starts the process of collecting a few film lenses (in my case generally cheap ones) then you start experimenting and that leads you to do something like I have done here.
This isnt comprehensive, technical testing, just some fun with some intent to discover the character of these lenses, their level of sharpness, bokeh (the blur in the background) and even colour tone.

Under "Lens Comparisons" you will see crops of an image laid out in a way to make it easy to compare, then you can view the images for each lens where I will also (eventually) put a few comments down about using the lens.

So sit back, click, view and feel free to leave any comments about the lenses. What you like, what you don't etc.

PS. To make it easy to find a specific focal length, I have split it up in set lengths like 45mm-60mm in one group so you can compare apples with apples etc.

Lens Comparisons

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Lens Comparisons

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