Olympus 75mm f1.8
No need to say much except very impressive in every aspect. CA is evident but not problematic. Some have likened this lens to some of the better Leica’s. Its kinda pricy and there was a bit of an outcry when it got announced but the reviews and sample shots just jumped out reeking of quality. The lens is an all metal build with plenty of quality glass sandwiched in between.
Wide open at f1.8 the lens is sharp across the whole frame and this just gets better as you stop down. From the butter smooth bokeh, very fast autofocus (not quite as fast as the 45mm f1.8 no doubt due to the extra weight of the glass), fast aperture and a length that can be used for upper half portrait or virtually anything else, this lens will surprise you in every aspect except two. No lens hood and a cheap flimsy lens cap. Very minor issues. I don’t think you will get much better than this.
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