This is a collection of photos that I took whilst on a trip to Canada and USA in 2007. Whilst I already had a collection of photos on this site from that trip, I recently wnet through and re "touched-up" some of the photos (tweaked, converted to black & white etc) using techniques I have leant since then. Doing this has brought back some great memories and even some photos that I never realised I took including some panorama's that I never put together since that trip.

Over time I will add some titles to the photos as well, but in the meantime, please enjoy.
San_Francisco (7)San_Francisco (8)San_Francisco (13)San_Francisco (21)San_Francisco (42)San_Francisco (45)San_Francisco (59)San_Francisco (72)AlcatrazAlcatraz (8)Alcatraz (23)Alcatraz (31)Alcatraz (48)San_Francisco (99)San_Francisco (120)P9141388P9141400P9151428P9161458OKeefe Ranch - Vernon (16)